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The Insider's Guide to Writing for Television 

By Julian Friedmann and Christopher Walker

"Combines advice on how to control that unruly imagination of yours with a practical guide to finding those precious champions within the business who can help you move forward." Matthew Graham, writer and creator of Life on Mars

July 2012  Trotman


How to Make Money Scriptwriting

I have published a book called How to Make Money Scriptwriting and edited two volumes called Writing Long-running Television Series and am co-author of a new book The Insider's Guide to Writing for Television. 

Reviews of How to Make Money Scriptwriting:

'This wonderful and accessible book fills in all the gaps.  It's full of insights that help writers in the business of screenwriting - a great help to actually get a script sold.' Linda Seger (author of MAKING A GOOD SCRIPT GREAT). 

'If you want to be a scriptwriter but aren't really sure what to do about it, then you could do a lot worse than reading Julian Friedmann's How to Make Money Scriptwriting.  Friedmann knows what he's talking about, which he does in a witty and entertaining way, informing without patronising.  Go and buy it.'  Film Review